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On this page you will find all the information you will need in the near future. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, a timeline, handy information about group photos, info about prints and albums and so on! So grab this link from time to time during the preparation, it's handy! :-)


Before the wedding

Detail talk

In the week before the wedding, we have the last detailed discussion with each other. You can already schedule this conversation via this link. I would like to schedule this conversation a few days before the wedding, a maximum of one week before your day. I have a wedding planned every week during the high season and that way I don't mix up important details. We also know at that time what the weather forecasts are.

Plan this meeting

During the wedding

At what time does the photography start?

I always recommend to include the preparations in the number of hours of photography. This way your wedding album starts with the beginning of the day and you don't fall into the middle of the day's story. At the bride I need an hour of photography. If you also want to record the groom's preparations, I need half an hour for this.

Example schedule:

9.30 groom photography

10.00 travel time to bride

10.30 bride photography

11.30 first look

How much time should we schedule for the photo shoot?

This depends on when you want to schedule the photo shoot. If you want an extensive photo shoot, 60 minutes (excluding any travel time) is nice to have. If you want a number of photos, but not a complete shoot, 15-20 minutes during the drink is enough for me. Then we take a number of photos around the location.

Is it useful to bring a friend / sister during the photo shoot? For example, to properly lay the dress?

No, I like to be with the three of us, so that the photo shoot is a relaxed moment for you together. I lay wedding dresses well every week and I think details are extremely important, so I'm super fast at that! ;-)

How long do we schedule for the group photos?

I always advise to keep a maximum of 8-12 groups. This will take us about 15-20 minutes. Keep it easy on yourself: make sure bride + groom are both in all photos. It is precisely the 'walking in and out' of a photo that makes that moment feel intense.

Example schedule:

1. Bride + groom + bride's family

2. Bride + Groom + Bride's Parents

3. Bride + groom + both parents

4. Bride + Groom + Groom's Parents

5. Bride + groom + bride's family

6. Bride + groom + grandpas + grandmas (you can also split these into smaller groups)

7. Groom + friends

8. Bride + girlfriends

We would also like to take some pictures at sunset, how does that work?

Via Google you can look up the time of the sunset by searching for "sunset + wedding date". The hour before this time is the golden hour. Of course I also keep a close eye on the light during the day, so I will come and get you to shoot for 5 minutes.

What is a good time for you to go home?

Are you having a party? Then it is nice to have at least one hour of photography after the opening dance. Are you going to dine all night? Then it depends on the time of the speeches during dinner.

Can we still increase the number of hours of photography?

That is always possible! I reserve the whole day for you, so you can always decide to extend the number of hours of photography. For example, for a few extra hours at the party, so that the complete day will be in your album later.

Do you also want to eat with us?

Yes please. A nutritious meal gives me energy for hours afterwards. :-)

What if it rains?

I always give the advice: don't worry about it yet! ;-) You can also take beautiful indoor photos at most wedding locations. And don't plan your day too full, then there is always a moment when it is dry and we can slip away for a while! In our last conversation, in the week of the wedding, we can see what the weather forecast is like and we can come up with a solution.

For other indoor locations you can use this website: https://binnenlocatietrouwfotos.nl/

What if you are suddenly sick?

Always a good question! I am a member of a photographer collective of 25 photographers, whom I can always rely on and whom I trust completely. I've never been sick at a wedding, but you never know! So that's all settled. :-)

After the wedding: album + wall art

Date night

I will send you the invoice + gallery within 4-7 weeks after the wedding. We will plan a datenight for the two of you and on that date I will send you the gallery, so that you can make it a really nice evening full of memories.


After the delivery of the slideshow + gallery, you will receive an email with which you can enter your favorite photos for the album. I will get to work with this selection and will put the first draft of your wedding album online within two weeks.

This is followed by a correction round, after which the colors and materials for the cover of the album are chosen. After the album is ordered, the album will be ready after about 4-6 weeks. You will automatically receive a message about this from me, I will only receive a process update from my supplier when the album is on its way to me.

Wall Art + Thank You Photos

You can also order photos for the wall via the online gallery. You can also forward this link to family and friends. Below you will find inspiration and tips about photos on the wall!

Wall Art

Do you have an empty spot on the wall? In the shop at the online gallery you will find plenty of beautiful products and options. Think of photos in frames, printed on metal or wood. Through this shop you can shop directly at my favorite specialist suppliers, so you are assured of the best quality.

I have created a pinterest board as a source of inspiration, here you will find many ideas how to combine different photos.

TIP! Uncertain about the size? Then use painter's tape to tape off the dimensions on your wall. Many people think that, for example, a 60 * 90 or 70 * 100 is much too large, but photos often turn out smaller than large. So it's good to measure that out and look at it for a few days before you place an order.

click for inspiration

Thank you gifts

Want to thank your guests? In the online shop you will also find passe-partouts: the photos are mounted between several layers of cardboard, resulting in a durable print that is 2 mm thick.

This makes it a list in itself and a nice gift to give to your witnesses, for example.

(parent) albums

Some pictures of albums and materials! Via the button below you will also find some pinterest inspiration for extra options such as embossing and UV print on the cover.

You can also order parent albums: a mini version of your wedding album. Is this option not included in the package you have chosen? You can always book this later!

More inspiration

Favourite wedding vendors

During my work I come across so many beautiful things, great ideas and cool suppliers. And of course I would like to share these nice people with you, look them up!



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Styling (+ rentals)

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Cake & catering

De Gebakkerij

Sweet Charlotte

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Wedding cards

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The Wedding Press

Wedding dresses

Modern Romance

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Wedding suits

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Wedding rings

Nadine Kieft

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